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Monday, February 27, 2006

Greetings, Angela!

So I was at Gymboree Saturday morning (babysitting my favorite little 14-month-old boy) and I got talking to a woman who seemed normal at first... She was talking about how she was rearranging all the baby furniture in her house, as her twins are now too old for the infant paraphenalia. (Hi, Samantha and Peter!) She mentioned -- I'm sure she thought, in passing -- that the basement had bunnies in it. Up perk McCurley's ears... "Bunnies?" says me. "I have bunnies."

The convo, as you can imagine, went downhill from there (and by downhill I mean into the warren). We both have four, we both detest people (sorry, but c'mon, get a clue, people!) who keep their bunnies outside in hutches and we both have gotten more bonded to a bunny than we care to admit, especially after said special lagamorph passed away. Hers was named Jessica. It was a great conversation. But it proved once again that us bunny lovers are everywhere. You never know, you could have a bunny lover in your neighborhood...

Anyway, I spread the word about BunnyBlab to Angela and asked her to post her stories -- truly the more, the better. So I wanted to give a quick shout out and say Hi, Angela!!! and I hope she finds this site.

At the end of class, we were all aiming for the little shoe area and Angela told her husband, "This is Dana. She has four bunnies, too." Her hubby goes, "So you're not the only nut." Good to know we all get made fun of by those who love us.

Oh, BTW, Joe's mom goes to Gymboree on Wednesdays. To answer your question...


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