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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Eh. I've been called worse. :-)

Just wanted all of you to know that coming soon is a site called BunnyBlab.com, on which will be my blog (this sucker's moving, folks!) and some other very exciting social media format. Okay, okay... I'll give away the secret because I wanna: I'm starting a podcast on bunny basics. At least that's what the first 10 or so will be about. There is, as I reported a few posts ago, a serious lack of not only lagamorph podcasts, but on animals and pets in general. So I'm going to fill a hole and we'll see where it goes. (To the moon, Baby, to the moon!)

The downside: I have to actually speak on these 'casts and I hate how my voice sounds when it's played back to me from a recording. So while I try not to hurl (too much) while listening to myself, hopefully others won't think it's so bad. I've had recent torture in this area, as I got a (so wicked freakin' cool) digital video camera for Christmas and have had the special privilege of listening to festivities on New Year's Eve and a bit on my recent trip to Phoenix. I like the idea of narrating a vid, but seriously -- I need to buy a new voice. Everyone I share this with says, "No, I think you're nuts. I really like your voice." Well, would THEY like to listen to themselves recorded? Oh, well, I'm sure I'll get over it. I mean, people get used to all sorts of horrible things about themselves that they can't change, right? ;-) As if it's that important... I'm a vain, vain girl.

So stay tuned for the BunnyBlab podcast series. Or will it be the Bunny Lovers Unite! podcast series? I haven't quite decided yet. It's a girl's prerogative. I'm planning on many other cool linking techniques between the blog and the series.


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