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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Effeminate and golly

Sometimes you just get a spam worth reading. (Or, how I learned to love computer-generated randomness.)

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Talk about ADD... The imagery that comes flooding at me from each line of this. I mean, "vacuum cleaner a and punish anger indulge tightly!!!" Are you picturing a VERY angry housewife, clenching the vacuum and furiously pushing it around the living room, not even caring if it was picking up the dirt because she was so mad?

"retaliation it crunchy was hump as laptop sociology was double-decker hour" -- This one's about hippies looking for revenge against the yuppies, who are sitting in the park with laptops (possibly researching a paper they have to write) and not looking at or appreciating the nature around them as a bus advertising "hourly tours" noisily rushes by.

But don't forget the incredulous question: "bothersome, recreation sandcastle generous the taken?!" Now we're in a playground and kids are playing a little too seriously. Some are just annoying other kids, but others are knocking down sand statues in the sandbox and making others cry. That's just not nice.

Play your own game with the text... Comment on your interpretations.


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