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Friday, March 10, 2006


Okay, I've gone and proved my utter (and so far pretty well-hidden) geekiness. I coded my own Web site, FramesByDana.com. Complete with an order form (although at this point you have to have your calculator handy bc the site doesn't do that itself -- that's FramesByDana v2).

When I say "coded," I mean it -- all in HTML, which isn't that confusing a programming language, but I didn't use the Frontpage shortcuts.

When I say "my own Web site," I mean literally my own. The frames are a hobby that I've had for nearly 4 years, I think, now. They were presents to my family and I've made so many for them, my mom about 2 years ago said, "You've gotta stop making me frames. I have no where to put them anymore!" Truth be told, she recently redid her entire house (I'm talking about pulling off the walls, here), so it's a fair request. Also, she has a shell one I made hanging in her kitchen, so she's done her part.

Scott and Liz, my brother and sister-in-law, have decided that they're going to make a whole wall by the kids' rooms and have that be a Dana's frames wall. Which I think is just too freaking cute. Now for them to get around to it. ;-)

Anyway, the frames make great gifts or decor for your home, whatever your home looks like. There are baby frames and seasonal frames and hobby frames. There are holiday frames and (my personal favorite) flower frames. The best part -- they're ALL customizable, which means that you can suggest colors (if you have a room's color scheme or a certain picture in mind for the frame) or, better yet, personalize the frame with a name. See the tennis frame I made for a friend of Paul's named Teri.

The site will be updated whenever I make a new frame. And I'm making 30 of them for the Framingham (Massachusetts) Craft Fair at Keefe Tech on April 1, 2006, so bookmark the site and come back often. Or stop by the fair if you live in eastern Mass. -- it's a lot of fun for a few hours on Saturday.


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