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Friday, March 10, 2006


Apparently isn't that important at a bunny's nap time. I usually work from home on Fridays and today I thought it'd be fun to have Pea come out and hang out with me in my living room. So I open the cage and make the "come out if you want to" noise (different from the "stop doing what you're doing, Naughty!" or "raisin time" noises -- my bunnies are very receptive to sound training). She hops to the lower level of her cage, sticks her nose out of the open door, and turns around again to spend the rest of naptime (read: until evening) in her cage. Fine! Be that way!

I'll show her -- I'll take her with me to PA this weekend for a bonding trip. Serves her right for wanting to stay in her cage. Extra cuddles and new places to explore -- horrendous punishment.

Stay tuned for some adorable pictures of my niece's 6th birthday party (which is tomorrow in PA). In true Corinne fashion (that is, not like any other kid you've ever met -- seriously), she picked B.B. King as her party theme. How cool is this child?!

BTW, if you didn't recognize the source of the title, here's the answer.


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