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Monday, March 20, 2006

Resumes From Hell

My newfound professional friendship with Jon Reed has led me to a book (and site) called Resumes From Hell. Last year, as I was spiffing up the ol' res', I had a little help to make it oh-so-markety. I'm no good at marketing speak, but apparently a little of that is needed for the job hunt, so I complied. Turns out I didn't need the updated version, but it's still good to have on hand.

Now, in a bizarre twist of events, I'm hiring someone to work with me. And, let's just say that I have newfound respect for people who do nothing but look at resumes all day. This site is sure to make you spit milk out your nose (Scott and Brett, I'm talking to you!), so be warned.

I'd like to thank Jon, too, for pointing me to the site and for finding some time in his unbelievably busy schedule to work with me for two weeks... I've been trying to arrange it with him for almost a year now, so I felt like I won the Super Bowl when he said he could squeeze me in! Thanks, Jon!

Anyway, enjoy ResumesFromHell.com!


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