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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

B.B. King party pix

Just realized I promised you some pix from Rinne's 6th bday party... so here y'are.

Give us a kiss, you gorgeous beast! Maggie givin' some lovin'

Scott organizing the kiddies shortest to tallest

The free-for-all that ensued once the guitar pinata was burst open. Notice Scott wisely getting out of the way...

The cake, bc it was cute and it's a traditional shot, taken by holding the camera directly above said cake and blindly shooting, hence the horribly uncentered target.

And as a bonus... some pix of Pea playing in my parents' upstairs hallway:

She was trying to figure out how to get into my bedroom and was confined to the hallway and the bathroom... what comes next are her attempts to go around, through, and over the gate.



Over-- love this one; check out that tippy-toe stretch my girl's got!


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