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Friday, April 21, 2006

A crime and a shame

That I haven't posted in nearly a week, I mean. With 11-hour days in a very stressful week at work, the last thing I wanted to do when I got home was to sit in front of the computer... but I had to to do MORE work. We're moving and shaking, I tell ya!

So there's a lot of really horrible strife in this world, which I was deliberately and delightfully only aware of in small doses until recently...

I got a new cell phone, even cooler than my other phone (you'll see the segue in a second, stick with me!). This new phone hardly has a name, like The Fonz. It's called The V. LG makes it. It's very nifty. However, LG thinks that its customers are rolling in dough, bc it costs money for EVERYTHING that used to come with the phones of yore. Ringtones? There used to be like 30 in the phone when you turned it on. Now the cell phone ringtone biz has gotten so big, the phones come with like 10 tunes, most of which sound like how phones in the '60s used to sound; these "regular" rings were conspicuously absent from phones for about 5 years in favor of songs and such. But any way to make a buck, eh?

Anyway, the global bad news -- thanks to Yahoo News Alerts, I wake up to 4 or 5 different text messages on my new nifty phone of horrible things that have happened in the few short hours I was snoozing. Today's big calamity is from Nepal, where the king seems to be doing his damndest to quiet some out-of-control demonstrators who are making a ruckus in Kathmandu for the last two weeks. Alas, he announced the power is the people's again, and that seems to have quieted some protesters down. Evidently "king" does mean some sort of ruler in some countries still... not like the "queen" of England. ;-)

So the horrible things MUST BE balanced out. The world needs BunnyBlab and CuteOverload and wacky news stories about elephants on treadmills and all the rest. In keeping with that, to put a smile on your face and to provide levity, here's a lighter story (I realize I haven't been posting or taking nearly enough bunny pix lately, too)...

Let me tell you about a very domestic scene, but one that happens kinda frequenly with bunnies. You get on the floor, they'll come see what you're up to... eventually.

It was about midnight or 1 a.m. a few weeks ago and I was tooling around getting ready for bed. My Love was pooped out, too, but was delivering salads to the kids and decided that he wanted to stall bedtime in order to get to be better buddies. Hops is the most attainable target here, so Paul lay on the floor and put Hops' salad dish on his chest as bait...

It must be stated that my darling man is 6'3" and my apartment is the perfect size for someone my size (5'6") with about half the bulk of my belongings... Anyway, I stray.

Did I mention it was late? And Paul has this crazy habit of falling asleep when he lays down in the middle of the night. It was probably about 6 full minutes before I saw him and I was convinced he was fast asleep. I was planning on blackmailing him with these pictures -- a guy trying to be cute is always the perfect blackmail -- but...

...he succeeded. If you lay there, he will come... or something like that. And when Hops hopped onto Paul's chest, the little gentle scratching began and I realize I, too, had fallen prey to the sleeping routine. ;-)

Hops got salad and a little bum scritch, Paul got to bond -- albeit sleepily -- and I got to, well, fall in love with both of them all over again. It was a small moment, but a precious one.

Fast forward a few weeks to Easter night. My dad and Jannine are cuddling on one couch in my parents' family room (seriously, guys -- you've been married for 20 years; when's the cute going to end?!), Paul and I are cuddling on the love seat. We're watching "Little Ice Age: Big Chill," a 2-hour show on the History Channel about a few hundred years that started in the Middle Ages, during which the average global temperature dropped about 4 degrees. BFD, right? Well, it kinda was. Certain crops like wheat couldn't be grown in certain places (potatoes were the substitute), it rained at one point for like four straight years, forcing people inside, which helped the rapid spread of the plague. It was just a fascinating show.

But it was late when we started it and late when I brought Hops downstairs to cuddle on the couch with Dad (he always needs a little bunny cuddling time when they visit) and late when Dad and Jannine decided it was time they went upstairs to bed. Paul and I and Hops moved to the big couch, complete with blanket. Hops cuddled a while, then went to Paul's lap for some special Paul attention and then hopped back over to me... he didn't even want to hop off the couch to explore, he just wanted to cuddle with us and get some sleepy love. I think it was about two or three hours my boy was downstairs with us, just enjoying the family (or maybe he thought the show was as cool as we did!).

Little moments like this I hardly ever blog about. They come and go and enrich my life, but who else cares about them? I was talking to my new buddy Sarah, who works with me, and I told her about the few hours Hops was cuddling on the couch (she had asked me if my bunnies are cuddly). She goes, "I didn't know bunnies were so cool!" It was around that time I pointed her to BunnyBlab to read up. ;-) So welcome, Sarah, and thank you for reminding me that the little moments like these are sometimes the most illustrative.


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