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Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Language of Lagamorphs

I have long loved an article written by Chandra Moira Beal called The Language of Lagamorphs. In case you think bunnnies are boring or just sit and sleep all day (and clearly you wouldn't have a bunny if you think this, bc human families of house bunnies know how unbelievably expressive they are), read this article and learn a bit about what makes us bunny lovers so nutty about them.

Now, from this article and thanks to the prolific Web, some people like Eric Mercer, have taken the article and expanded it to a site. Eric's The Language of Lagamorphs: What Your Rabbit is Saying and How to Speak Back is worth a few minutes (or hours) reading... Even as a reminder to those of us who live with them. Eric has a seriously great writing tone (and frequently admits to acting silly while no human is watching); the site is a wonderfully entertaining read -- for those of us with bunnies and for those of you without.

Now, of course, each bunny has his or her own language that you just learn to interpret by living with them. For instance, not only do I know what Pea means when she chews the bars of her cage, but I can tell her different intentions depending on where those bars are. Top left corner -- she wants to get out and play with Hops. Front right, upper level -- she wants a raisin. Left side, upper level -- she knows I'm in the living room and wants to tell me she's awake and to get her to come play with me. It's not rocket science; it's lagamorph linguistics.

What special language have you and your bunny worked out together?


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