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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

BunnyBlab, episode 2: How much does keeping a bunny cost?


One of the most important factors in getting a pet is figuring out how much they cost ahead of time. Episode 2 of BunnyBlab will get into some of the cost factors so that you can decide if a bunny fits your budget.

A few little somethings I mentioned in the Blab:

  • The Massachusetts House Rabbit Society -- I know I'm biased now, but my twins are seriously good-looking bunnies. The MA HRS had a postcard section a few years back and had my girls up there for about 2 years after I adopted them. If you ask me, it's because they're so picturesque. One of the gems of the site now is the reader-submitted tips. Although you can spend some time taking the surveys on the homepage, too.

  • In my discussion of bunny cages, I cited Leith Petwerks, the "makers of the Bunny Abode House Rabbit Condo and purveyor of house rabbit accessories." They do have a wicked good condo selection -- sturdy, roomy, multi-levelled. So if you'd rather buy than make -- and who could blame you?! -- I'd suggest Leith.

  • Paul made me promise to post a pic of the condo I made, so here's a good one:

    The rare Pea-in-the-condo shot

    And here's Pea's cage, which, at one time, each of my 5 kids could call their own:

  • Just a reminder to email me your stories about toys you've made yourself for your pets (doesn't have to be only bunnies).

Email me or comment on this blog post for this ep and tell me what you think of BunnyBlab! Episode 3 coming next week... The topic of that episode will be: So you've decided you want a bunny...now what?!

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  • At 2/18/2009 11:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    erm i dont want to sound cruel but peas cage is disgustingly small ! for starters it needs to be tall enough for your rabbit to stand on her/his hind legs please change this or the animal rescue team will be hearig about this once again sorry but u have 2 weeks to get back in contact with me ...

  • At 2/18/2009 12:05 PM, Blogger Dana Gillin said…

    When Pea was a younger and smaller, that bottom cage was hers, yes... And trust me, it was perfectly big enough for her. She loved it. Hung out in there when she didn't have to, is how I know.

    Also, please consider that post that you commented on is 2.5 years old... She's in the 4' x 4' cage now, but only at nights. They all have free roam.

    Thanks for your concern, but my bunnies are not cramped up at any time of the day.

    I find it amusing that you said I had to contact you w/in 2 weeks, but you posted anonymously. Care to leave an email? Or you can email me at dana@bunnyblab.com.


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