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Monday, May 22, 2006

BunnyBlab, episode 3: So you've decided you want a bunny...


In this episode, "So you've decided you want a bunny…" we'll talk about the factors involved in deciding how many bunnies to get, where to get them, and how to decide on the right bunny for you and your family.

Here are a few pix of each of my bunnies, past and present:

Amber giving 'tude

The most money shot I have of Amber

We cuddled for hours every day

Kayla's kinda screwy when she wants to be

My teeny tiny girl all stretched out (and still small)

A good side-by-side of the twins; it often takes people years

to tell them apart, and I always wonder why

This pic won Ariel a spot in a bunny calendar a few years back --

she is a beauty

He was irresistable from the beginning and has always

kept that adorable "bunnyality"

I knew he was my cuddlebunny

No cuddling session is complete without a

several-minute kissing session from my boy

Pea was always gorgeous, even when she was a cutie as a baby;

she nearly fit in this food dish when I got her, as you can see

This was taken on Pea's first day home

As a comparison shot, this was taken once Pea was full-grown

I think she has aspirations to be a model.

House Rabbit Society's page of chapters can help you locate a place to look for a bunny. HRS does not run shelters, but foster homes instead. The philosophy is that the best way to get a bunny used to living in a home is -- surprise! -- having them live in a home. It has worked out for thousands of house rabbits since 1988.

Send me any stories you have about choosing your bunnies and where you got them! I always love your stories.

Feedback? Email me or comment on this blog post. Episode 4 coming next week. The topic of that BunnyBlab is bringing a bunny home.



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