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Thursday, May 04, 2006

iTunes update

So as I'm registering for other directories, I'm checking the iTunes status. Last night, I got an email from the nice (and seemingly overworked and backlogged) people at iTunes saying my podcast was approved and the link for it. Lo and behold, the link works... But when I looked in the category I thought I put it in (Family), no good. So that's my latest weird technical problem. I've had bunches of them this week. Maybe patience will pay off again and one day it'll just automagically appear. Here's hoping.

On a positive note, FeedBurner says I have 18 people subscribed to my feed. Which, when you realize it's not in the iTunes directory, is pretty damn good for 3 days. About 5 of them, though, are directories (at least, I think they're counted in that tally). According to my hosting stats, I've had 12 ppl download the MP3 of the first episode of BunnyBlab. So that's kinda nice... Keep 'em coming, is what I say!

Directories added:

Some directories take a while to update... Podcast Alley was the only one who showed up right away.


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