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Friday, May 19, 2006

Pea's got a UTI

But it doesn't seem to be slowing her down or causing her much pain at all.

Of course, these things never happen at convenient times. I was getting ready to go away for 4 days to the Syndicate conference in NYC (GD, that suite was nice in the Roosevelt Hotel, eh, P?). She came down last Wednesday with gas -- she stopped eating and drinking. So I spent a few days giving her an exorbitant amount of belly rubs/massages and a Gas-X or two. Saturday night, she started eating again -- but only salads. "Something's up," says me. So I watch her like a hawk -- a very annoying hawk. She kept hanging out in litter boxes -- but the wet spot wasn't in a corner behind her, it was under her when she got up to run around. She was playing normally (nothing can stop that girl from playing), of course, but bunnies do when they're sick. In the wild, if bunnies show they're sick, they get picked off. So unless they're on death's door, they'll probably hide it.

Anyway, so I'm looking at staying home for four days to watch my maybe-sick baby girl or go to NYC and figure out how she can be taken care of in my absence. I chose the latter option. I called my vet and boarded her there for four days. They x-rayed, looking for sludge or a bladder stone. Of course, nothing. Then they did an urinalysis and found a UTI -- which, apparently, is relatively rare in rabbits (had to go for the alliteration there).

So she's got liquid antibiotics, which, of course, she kicked over tonight when I was giving her her first dose. Beautiful. So off to Wellesley I go tomorrow to pick more up. It tastes sweet, apparently, so once she tastes it she likes it. Apparently.

So that's been my fun. Oh, that and recording the second BunnyBlab episode about 12 times because the file kept getting blown away. Audacity not so fun when it breaks. Ugh.

Anyway, the moral is that the Pea is just fine... or she will be all ship shape when she's done these antibiotics in a week. As far as bunny problems go, this is about the least of them. This and, like, fingernails that are too long. Dealable. Not catastrophic, which seems to always be a possibility...


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