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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bunny Yawns

Check out TalkingEgg.com for a hilarious collection of bunny yawns (pix and movies).

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Monday, August 13, 2007


This site makes me think about what useful things people will use their free time with now that they can take a t-shirt off in .7 seconds. Thanks, P, for sending it to me! But why did they get a .org site?!

Some comments on the individual tricks they show:

Quick-pop a bottle cap -- knowing me, I'd get the wrong one popped and soda would be all over the place. ;-)

2-minute soda chill -- Sounds good, but what a lot of salt you'd have to keep on hand and you can't exactly open the can after you've just sloshed it around for 2 minutes.

Quick-peel an egg -- I'm totally trying this next time. I just hope I don't cut my lip on the edge of the shell!

Instant shirt removal -- Looks like it works with a t-shirt, but probably not with anything tighter (like baby-tees, for instance).

Turbo parking -- Can I try this with your car, Honey? Just in case I slam mine into the meter...

Instant baby soothe -- Remarkable. Just don't tell Al Gore you're wasting water like this. I think fountains also work (plus there you can recycle a teeny bit of water instead of running the tap).

Fast-pour ketchup -- This method has been around for years. It's what people used to call "hitting the 57," as on a Heinz bottle, the number 57 on the neck is perfectly positioned for a little smack bringing about a ketchup river.


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Austin Powers would be so proud...

Thanks, Dave, for sending this to me months ago...

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Phew -- Good news on Peanut

Peanut was fine, folks. It was a molt, after all. Here's proof:

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Jack Rabbit Bauer in Bunny 24

Well done, IcelandicBunny... well done!

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Iceland has bunnies, too

All right, all right. I'm on a kick. What can I say? Paul's out of town tonight!

Poor Peanut looks all frazzled -- he looks like he's either molting or else he had a very close call with something that dive-bombed him. Glad to see he's still interested in treats, though!

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Just in case you have a friend who thinks bunnies are boring

It's not just the babies who play all the time...

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Baby bunnies on video

This video explains why I don't have more pictures of my bunnies when they were babies. See, it's not that I have very few pictures, it's that I have very few pictures in focus. I didn't have a video camera when Amber, Hops or Pea were babies. The next baby bunny I get I'll follow him everywhere with my vid cam. It's the only way to get them on film, since the little buggers move so quickly!

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YouTube is a wonderful thing. Congratulations to everyone involved in making such a subtle and touching story.

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iDog Tricks

Thanks, Judy -- I can always count on you to send me interesting/cute/fun things from the Web. Today's gem is iDog Tricks. My favorite commands are dance and kiss, but lie down, fetch, play dead, and wave are also good ones. Comment and tell me if you've found any other commands that work.

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